Turvallisen ja hygieenisen maidon edistys ja kehitys


 The Walter Ehrström Foundation was established in 1958 to advance food hygiene, in particular milk hygiene, in Finland. In honor of Dr. Ehrström's pioneering work in the field, the Foundation supports scientific research through annual research and travel grants. Additionally, the Foundation awards medals of honor to farmers with a consistent production record of high quality milk, and to other individuals who have significantly contributed to milk hygiene in Finland. The Foundation has financed two full-time professorships and one part time professorship at the University of Helsinki. 


Call for Walter Ehrström Foundation grants  1.1.-31.1.2022

The Walter Ehrström Foundation awards up to 120 000 euros in research and travels grants in 2022. Grants are nominated to scientific research and travel that advances food hygiene, in particular milk hygiene, in Finland. Applications designated to the Board of the Walter Ehrström Foundation must be sent to the Foundation's Office by January 31st, 2022 at 4.15 pm, either by postal mail to the address Maitohygienialiitto, PL 115, 00241 Helsinki, or by e-mail to the address info at maitohygienialiitto.fi.

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Enquiries: info at maitohygienialiitto.fi