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Checklist for the applicant

  • Make sure that you have reported your previous research and travel grants. Failure to report is a barrier to a new grant

  • The application period is 1.1 - 31.1.2024, by 16.15. Late applications will not be considered. 

  • Send your application as a PDF file via email to by using the attached application forms on the right side bar.

    • We recommend a separate short research plan to be attached to the research grant application as a PDF file​

  • Name your application as follows:

    •  yyyymmdd_WE saatio researchgrant surname_forename​​

    • yyyymmdd_WE saatio researchgrant attachment surname_forename (use this for the research plan)

    • yyyymmdd_WE saatio travelgrant surname_forename

      example 01012024_WE saatio researchgrant researcher_person

example 01012024_WE saatio travelgrant researcher_person

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